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Written by David J   
Thursday, 27 August 2009 17:00

During the HOT summer months, truck idling to maintain driver comfort while sleeping has become illegal in many jurisdictions. Recently many cities in Texas are now citing drivers for idling their engines, And during a heatwave. These laws have effectively turned hard working, honest truck drivers into criminals. In California it is a misdemeanor crime to idle your engine and the law can include civil penalties on top of criminal penalties. A misdemeanor crime conviction on a driver can prevent that driver from getting a job or even entering

Canada for any reason. It isn't like a minor traffic violation which is considered an "infraction". Misdemeanor Crimes stay on your record for the rest of your life. California isn't the only state that does this either. Do we want to fight fatigue or not? Fatigue is a major issue lately in the trucking industry. How much rest can a driver get during hot and humid summer months without Air Conditioning? So drivers idle, and fines get levied sometimes as much as $25,000 and no one cares. Our elected officials who pass these laws enjoy their comfortable air conditioned homes every night, so why should they care. Most large carriers don't care, their CEO's and Presidents enjoy an Air Conditioned home in summer and heat in winter. OSHA who is suppose to be the watchdog of industrial safety standards ignores the issue. It seems that the American People don't seem to care either that their fellow blue collar workers are treated with such disrespect. Otherwise they would be calling and writing their elected officials to create laws that make sense. Company Drivers are at the mercy of their employer. Many companies forbid idling of the trucks, others deduct idling time from drivers pay, and many penalize drivers for over-idling over 10% by cutting their truck speeds or terminating the driver.

  • New Laws NEED to be passed NOW to stop the abuse on the American Truck Drivers. Fleet Owners need to be REQUIRED to install APU's or other climate control devices to work in both summer and winter to ensure the proper health safety and well being of their employees.
  • Current Anti-Idling Laws need to be suspended temporarily nationwide until the fleet owners are required to provide a safe environment for their employees.

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